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Our Story

Our Story 
We simply want to raise global awareness and consciousness on the impact of deforestation, illegal hunting, and how that impacts several species. We already reach thousands of people every day through our handmade bracelets that we sell to our awesome community.
The more people that wear our bracelets, the more consciousness we create beside helping to preserve the environment by funding the planting of trees, helping feed and provide shelter for our several sponsored species.
We believe that it is up to each and every one of us to make a difference. We believe that by working together we can provide funding to protect these lovely animals, and slowly bring them off the endangered list. 
We create eco-friendly recycle bracelets that promote and raise awareness of what us humans are doing to our wild friends. All while donating a percent of our profits to multiple different foundations and safety centers for the animals that we are currently sponsoring.
Business Model:
 We are a purpose-driven business, founded in January 2021 to help raise awareness and contribute to protecting endangered species.
As a for profit company, we use the sale of our products to help fund the protection, food, and shelter for our several sponsored animals. We use our bracelets to spread our word about how important it is to care for the animals that are running out of time and need more help. 
RestoreTheWildlife™ Is a US based company with online partners all over the globe... we do not hold any physical locations other than our workshop and shipping facilities. This online work environment is crucial to our sustainability efforts and helps minimize our organizational carbon footprint. 
We believe businesses can be a force for good and hope to encourage other businesses to follow suit and give back to environmental causes. 
Together with our community, we are on a mission to help these precious animals out of the endangered list and back into the wild, while creating a higher positive impact on the world.
Our goal is to create a thriving community, create a greater connection with nature and spread positive energy, while inspiring more individuals and businesses too give back to environmental causes. 
Our philosophy is that we’re all 1 big extended family living in the same neighborhood - Earth. Beyond our mission, we also wish to connect people with one another and with nature, because we’re all neighbors sharing the same air.