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Wolf Habitat Restoration Bracelet™

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OVER $15,000 DONATED  😊
One Bracelet. One Life.   🌱

Help restore wolf habitats that have been destroyed over the recent years due to deforestation and the construction of businesses. This country's wolf populations have been a major victim of poaching and deforestation, It is estimated that thousands of wolves have been killed in the last decade with 50% of their habitat destroyed they are running out of places to live. Our Wolf Habitat Restoration Bracelet™ is leading the fight to restore the region's devastated wolf habitats and population by donating to the Wolf Conservation Center with profits from every bracelet sold!

This bracelet is carefully handmade with natural stones such as African Turquoise gemstones. This bracelet comes in many sizes to fit all of our lovely customers.

  • Every Purchase Helps keep wolves alive and healthy 
  • Supports Wolf Habitats
  • Restores Lost Habitats
  • Raises Awareness
  • Eco Friendly

What is Happening?

The United States has been expanding in the past decades, building more cities and taking over more land. A large amount of wildlife has been forced to move due to the destruction of their habitat. This has caused Starvation and NOWHERE to go. Over thousands of animals have been hunted and killed, limiting where they can be safe day by day. Your SUPPORT is urgently needed to care for injured wildlife and restore their homes. 


By purchasing a bracelet from us you're directly funding our cause, raising awareness, and providing food and shelter to these poor wolves. The silver lining of this horrific event is that it has brought out the best in our communities because people like you help us to provide thousands to help restore lost habitats and provide protection for these sweet animals.


One person can simply provide FOOD, WATER, AND SHELTER for several dozens of animals. Many of which are critically endangered. Purchasing one bracelet can simply be the first step to restoring their habitat and protect these precious animals from extinction.

What you'll get...

When you join our movement you will receive our handmade Wolf Habitat Restoration Bracelet™ and the satisfaction of knowing you contributed to saving these beautiful animals from extinction.

We will also keep you updated with photos and information provided by our team from time to time.